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The luxurious Serviced Villa greenspaces is situated amidst cardamom plantation, about 10 km away from Munnar Town. This cottage is constructed with eco friendly materials, without disturbing the natural terrain of the land. The rooms are theme designed, earthy colored with well-crafted wooden floors and ceilings. Greenspaces has a full time caretaker who takes care of all basics and prepares excellent homemade food with heights of hospitality.

This land, where We have created this lovely cottage, is also home to a very interesting and accommodating flora and fauna and yes, We have deprived them of a bit of their territory and a lot of their privacy to create Greenspaces for you. We have taken great care not to disturb them. The insects and birds still dwell around. I have known them from the day I arrived here to create this dwelling. In fact, they are contributing their bit to make this place homely and welcoming. We have created custom designed handmade paper lampshades in the rooms and oil paintings on the walls have been painted by us.

There are rare wild birds with colourful plumage that sing sonorously, all around the resort premises. Bird watchers can spend hours watching the winged surprises all around them. Malabar whistling Thrush, Gray and White-browned wagtail, Red whisked bulbul, Koel, Woodpecker, Parrots, Long Tailed Shrikes, Hornbills etc., are frequently sighted around geenspaces. A great way to enjoy the landscape is to take a walk through the famed tea gardens of Munnar or along the evergreen trees under the shade of which the cardamom is cultivated.

Room and Facilities

The breath taking landscape with lush and verdant surroundings with cardamom plantations provide an idyllic milieu for physical and spiritual rejuvenation. The only thing the setting lacks is the din and dust of metro cities. The cottage is situated amidst cardamom plantation, about 10 km away from Munnar city. It has two studios and deck area with pergola in the first floor, two studios in ground floor with separate balcony, one common kitchen / hall in ground floor with a balcony. Each room in the holiday cottage has a wooden flooring, wooden ceiling, attached bathroom with bathtub, 24 hr running hot water, wooden wardrobe, designed dining table , reading table, designed coffee table, luggage stand and open deck dining area under the pergola in the first floor.

In and around Munnar

The rare Neelakuranji (strobilanthus) belongs to this region. This plant blooms once every twelve years bathing the hillsides in bright blue. Top station also offers panoramic view of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu

At the Eravikulam National Park in Munnar can be found the world’s largest population of endangered Tahrs. Thanks to stringent wildlife conversation and absence of poaching, these wild goats can be seen here in large numbers. The incredibly agile Nilagiri Tahr is today the pride of munnar and its mascot.